We are Australian parents with 3 kids, living in Byron Bay.

When we had our youngest daughter 6 years ago we found ourselves extremely frustrated with the eco nappies that were available. They were either too expensive or not that eco at all.

We spent evenings around our dinner table talking about the kind of nappy we wanted to buy – truly eco-friendly, high quality, super soft and most importantly, extremely absorbent. Perfect for day and night time use with no plastic packaging. We focused on delivering a nappy that had as close to 100% biodegradable ingredients as possible providing a natural decision for parents like us to move away from the conventional nappies to a nappy that could decompose much quicker.

We then spent 2.5 years researching, trialling, testing, travelling and talking to different mums, manufacturers, retailers, scientists at the CSIRO (Australia’s leading Government Science Laboratory) and green organisations around the world! We even took our little bub with us on one of our research trip, traipsing around factories, and growing our knowledge for our product. After many grey hairs, and our life savings, we were super proud to launch our nappies into the Australian marketplace in December 2013, after pre-selling them for the 12 months prior to that (having sold over a 40 foot container of nappies before we even manufactured our first batch).

Now our nappies and wipes are available in over 150 retail outlets Australia wide, and through our online store. We are proud to say tens of thousands of Australian babies wear our nappies already! We have sold over 20 million nappies in the market, and we proudly launched our baby wipes (completely plant based and home compostable) in early 2015, and plan to release first weeks newborn and pull ups soon, along with other exciting products. We are also working on global distribution as we are contacted weekly by partners in overseas countries

We are proud to have won a raft of awards for our fast growth start up business, and have huge plans for the future of eco nappies and wipes manufacture in Australia. But none of this would be possible without our customers, so thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts, for believing in us and knowing that there is a better way for the future health of our kids and our planet.

Lachlan & Lisa x

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