Do you feel selfish for taking care of your needs?

WHEN WE NEGLECT OUR NEEDS, WE ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO OVERINDULGE IN SOME WAY. We might binge eat at night because we have been restricting food all day. We might go on a shopping spree and get into debt because we told ourselves we're not allowed to have nice things. We might become power-hungry

3 steps to your perfect body shape

So what is the perfect body shape? The perfect body size? What is the ideal weight for my height?   These questions are constantly asked by many women with many of us striving desperately to achieve its (often unrealistic) answer.   Your ideal body shape is not defined by a desired weight or a dress

Detox your fears for an easier birth

Spring is classically the time to detox your life. I really believe toxins are to the body what fears are to a pregnant mind. You may not be aware of them or their effects, but left to breed and run rampant, they can cause problems in the long run. Mental pollution comes in many forms.

Strategy of Surrender

Strategy for surrender Claire Obeid is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher who inspires women to discover balance, true happiness and perfect health. She reaches women in over 15 countries worldwide through her insightful and intuitive blog, video posts and dedicated Facebook page. This is her guest post: Since the day little Soleil

Nourish your mind

Did you know each year approximately one in every five Australians will experience a mental illness? Most commonly experienced are anxiety, depression, bi-polar, mood disorders and eating disorders. Whether you experience any of these yourself or know someone who does I hope the following nourishing tips help to support good mental health, a positive mind-set