We created a few short videos to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get around our nappies. Thanks to St Johns First Aid for lending us their CPR baby “Emma” to do the videos! If there are any other videos you would love to see here please drop us a note. Here they are:

Video 1 – How to correctly fit a nappy on your baby
This video is perfect for first time parents to watch the best way to make sure your bubs nappy is fitted correctly and works perfectly for you day and night !

Video 2 – How to avoid an incorrectly fitted nappy
Sometimes customers tell us that their nappies are leaking on their little one. When we look at photos of their fitted nappy we can see that the nappy is too big for their baby, resulting in gaps around the legs particularly which can leak (sometimes only at night if bub is positioned in a certain angle). Here is a video to show you how to recognise if the nappy is too big for your bub.

Video 3 – How absorbent are our nappies?
In this video you can see Lisa pouring a lot of water into our infant sized nappy, to show you just how absorbent our nappies are.

Video 4 – Do we make separate boy and girl nappies?
In this video we will explain our unisex nappies and provide some tips for use.