Nic Laidlaw Part 7: Forward ball roll

Father of triplets, Ecoriginals ambassador, and Corrective Exercise Coach Nic Laidlaw shares an alternative & holistic approach to health via the body’s movement.

Part 7: Forward ball roll

This is a great exercise to integrate the upper and lower abdominals while still encouraging good alignment (ab crunches will not support good posture, back health or function of the abdominals). Begin on your knees with the hips above the knees, shoulders above the elbows, and draw the navel to the spine. Slowly roll forward, making sure to extend evenly from the hips and shoulders. If you can do it in front of a reflection or mirror to check that your spine stays nice and long. Try this for 3 minutes at a time. #Ecoriginals #EcoriginalsAmbassador

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