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  • 6 x bags of super absorbent nappies
  • The number of nappies in each bag depends on the size selected. Newborn Plus count 32, Infant count 32, Crawler count 30, Toddler count 24, Walker count 22.
  • Incorporating unique plant based ingredients
  • Free from odour blockers
  • Free from dioxins, phthalates, lotion, fragrances + more
  • Free from the plastic layer that traps heat
  • Saving over 6 million babies bottoms to date
  • CSIRO Tested – Australia’s only Eco nappy rigorously tested by CSIRO

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Latest Reviews

  1. Bellamber Sydney, NSW

    These are one of only a few brand of nappies that are biodegradable. Fresh out the bag they smell like wood pulp, not plastic chemicals like all the supermarket brands. They don’t leak, don’t leave rashes and they let the skin breath. They’re also a slim fit so they’re less bulky under clothes. We’ve been exclusively using these nappies for the last 6 months. Cost is around $90 for 6-8 weeks supply, delivered. They’re worth every cent, we will continue to buy them

  2. Georgie Heidelberg West

    No other nappies compare! I’ve used these nappies with both my boys for over 5 yrs and have never been disappointed. They just feel much nicer, (not plastic) and are so much better for everyone, including the environment.

  3. Hel

    Great Nappies! Have tried a number of different ‘eco’ nappies and these ones definitely come out on top. They are so soft, havent had any leaks, the delivery is so convenient and best of all is their environmental factors. Would highly recommend!

  4. Annalise F.

    Good – but check sizing. Definitely much less skin irritation than nappies that use toxic chemicals, and none of those weird chemical smells. It can be tricky to guess sizing when ordering online (and weight ranges and names such as ‘toddler’ vary across different nappy brands), so I think due to initially getting some that were too big they leaked at night. With a baby that feeds a lot through the night:) So I recommend getting a box to try sizing before you commit to a subscription, or else change size once you are in a subscription if necessary. Other than that, soft and practical. Thank you.

    • Ecoriginals

      Hi Annalise, Thank you for your feedback and support, we really appreciate it. As our nappies don’t contain all the extra nasty plastics and elastics, choosing the correct size is really important. This is why we have created a trial pack for $17.95, which is delivered Australia wide. In this trial pack you get a full size pack of nappies & wipes to try, which we highly recommend before committing to a subscription. Our nappy sizing is to be used as a ‘guide only’ as every child has their own unique body shape, weight and height for their age. Two Children can be the same age but require 2 different size nappies. It is an individual choice for each child. For a more detailed explanation for each size please follow this link: http://www.ecoriginals.com.au/nappies/ Should you ever be unsure of sizing, please contact our customer service team for support.

  5. C McIntosh

    These nappies are great for babies and the planet. They are light and airy but do not leak or leave nappy rashes and the wipes the go with it are equally as amazing

  6. Ajay

    Love these nappies and have used from newborn size with 2 kids. So soft and no nasties. Love they are on subscription too so I don’t have to think about it. My only disappointment is that they don’t make pull ups!

  7. LoTreb Hobart, TAS

    Super absorbent with less guilt! Our child is a heavy wetter yet we can leave her in an Ecoriginal overnight (11+ hrs) with no issues at all. Rather than that weird gel in other nappies, the natural fibers in Ecoriginals almost seem to evaporate and never cause nappy rash. They can get a tad bulky in the front but I suppose that a lot of absorbent padding between the legs and she never seems to mind.

    • Ecoriginals

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your feedback and support, we very much appreciate it. It’s wonderful to here that bub can be in our nappies overnight for 11 plus hours without experiencing leaks 🙂 Performance is super important to us, which is why we ensure that our nappies have as much absorbency padding as possible, as well as providing our bubs with the healthiest product available 🙂

  8. Steff

    These are the best nappies ever. They work just as well as any other disposable nappy, but without all the yucky stuff. Other brands and even cloth nappies leave my daughter with rashes. They are a generous fit and super easy delivery. Great customer service, too. A little pricier than your supermarket option perhaps, but you get what you pay for and support an Aussie business. 🙂

  9. Tania Mid North Coast, NSW

    No sweaty bottoms! Yay! With the recent sweltering temperatures, I have been pleasantly surprised to find my little one waking up without a sweaty bottom, thanks to Ecoriginals Nappies. No harsh chemicals too! Thanks!

  10. Mia

    Can not live without these nappies! We absolutely love these nappies for my Mr 2 he has no nappy rash and they are super comfortable and absorbent! I am purchased them ready for my new borns arrival as well. The auto Delivery it so easy I don’t even have to think about it! The kindness to the environment is such a plus that I feel ok about using nappies! I wish I had found these year ago for my first child! We just love them!

  11. Kirsty South East Queensland, QLD

    Using Ecoriginals with baby number 2! We have been so satisfied with Ecoriginals nappies that we have continued to use them with our 2nd child. I love that bub never gets nappy rash with these nappies and the material they’re made from feels really nice and natural. The fact that Ecoriginals are not harmful to the environment makes me feel even better! The monthly subscription is so convenient and works really well for us.

  12. Vic

    Love these nappies! I started using these nappies after a friend recommended them. We were having lots of issues with nappy rash with my son. We started using these nappies, and he hasn’t looked back!
    We tried other nappies, and most had a smell to them when he urinated, these nappies have minimal smell that’s not offensive, and are great for his sensitive skin.
    They are also delivered to your door/post box which is very handy! No struggling with nappy bags at the supermarket!
    Plus being environmentally friendly was a big bonus for living in a rural area.

  13. Kate

    Perfect for crawling babies! These nappies are some of the only ones that don’t show wear and tear from a crawling baby. My daughter spends hours crawling on the floor and the nappy always holds up. These nappies are fantastic and guilt free.

  14. Victoria S.

    Ecoriginals nappies have been amazing for our family through our nappy journey. I don’t usually comments on posts, however felt that I need to spread the word on this amazing product. The service and quality are beautiful, and couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you for providing us with a better alternative in a disposable. X

  15. Gemma – South Australia

    I use these nappies for nights ONLY as we use cloth during the day and have never had any leaks. They are really soft. I’m really happy with them – so far been using for 4 months.

  16. Lisa, Tasmania

    Love these nappies!! Long time user here, you will never look back!

  17. @thenotsoperfectmum

    I love them. I have a subscription and its so easy. I have run out this month which never happened and I got a different brand until my delivery comes and Jnr smalls bum is alrady red!!!

  18. Donna O’shea, ACT

    A beautiful quality product. Realiable nappies and perfect wetness of wipes

  19. Karen Gurney

    Received mine and used them last few weeks and LOVE!!
    I have tried quite a few different brands of nappies and most have caused really bad nappy rash on my son, no more nappy rash at all and perfect nappies for my sons super sensitive skin. Thank you.

  20. @gemfong

    These nappies are brilliant. Great for bubby and our planet. I ordered a sample pack when i was pregnant to have ready for when bubby arrived and haven’t looked back. Automated ordering system is fantastic

  21. Diana, ACT

    The softest nappies on the market. Love the quality and performance. I recommend you to all that will listen!

  22. Sarah, Melbourne.

    You wont be disappointed with Ecoriginals products. Lovely company & honest.

  23. M, Capelli

    I trialed these on the free trial deal & loved them! The quality and customer service is super impressive. Feels good to support an Aussie brand too 🙂

  24. Sam Matthews

    I love making my own wipes, so i love this package deal. Nappy cant recommend enough.
    They last through the night and are soooo soft.

  25. Emily Bryson, WA.

    No leaks, so soft & seriously the best service. These people really do care. Every parent needs to be supporting a company that has our children future at heart. Cant recommend enough.

  26. Hannah L

    Thank you for making such a wonderful product!! I used your nappies exclusively with my first daughter who was super sensitive and reacted to everything else on the market. We loved the fact that being a nappy perfect for sensitive skin as well as being eco friendly didn’t mean that the performance of the nappy suffered.
    We switched to cloth when my second daughter was born to save money.
    My brother in law and his wife were recently looking for a better option for disposable nappies and it was easy for me to bring up your brand knowing that I could recommend it with confidence and upon looking you even offer a free* trial pack!

    Although we are a full time cloth nappy family if I’m ever asked my opinion on a high performance, eco friendly nappy, yours is my go to!
    Thanks for the wonderful work you guys do :slightly_smiling_face:

  27. Anna L, VIC

    We’re a family of 3 kids and i have tried all the supposedly ‘ECO’ brands out there.
    NOTHING compares! If you haven’t given Ecoriginal’s a try – do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ocean Mum, NSW

    The customer service Ecoriginals provides is amazing. Super helpful! I had leaks, then realised i needed to just go up a size. I LOVE this brand to much & it comes to me for free. I look forward to this delivery very month 🙂

  29. samantha

    Ecoriginals nappies are the best truly eco nappy on the market. No comparison and i love how they list all their ingredients. I’m happy to know what I put on my baby is the best.

  30. R.Harrison

    I make my own wipes so chose this product pack, its a beautiful product

  31. Lisa, WA

    I use for nights only & travelling as we use cloth- incredibly absorbent
    Love them and super soft

  32. Sam Field, ACT

    I purchase these as a monthly box & never have to worry about running out. Ive also had the option to hold when ive been away- seriously the best service xx

  33. Eva T.

    Softest nappies and excellent performance too. So much better than Tooshies or Thank you! AND Ecoriginals have the highest amount of biodegradable material!!
    The others are no where near the same…

  34. Marija

    Got these for a recent trip to Bali where it’s hot and humid, ideal weather for nappy rashes! Bub had no rash, no redness, and no irritation! Love these nappies! The material is lovely and soft, feels a lot more natural and less ‘plastic’ on his bottom. I was surprised that they held out at night as good as the Huggies in terms of leaks. Great customer service and fast delivery.

  35. Shelley A H

    10 out of 10, always!

    These nappies are the best. Since discovering Ecoriginals I have never purchased any other nappy. My little one wears them overnight and although the nappy is quite full in the morning, it has only ever leaked once or twice (out of hundreds of times!), and this was only because she’d had the nappy on longer than usual.
    Eco friendly and good for the environment, absorbent, excellent quality, only about 10-20 cents extra (each) than supermarket brands. Well worth it. Any negative reviews are astounding to me. Will never purchase any other brand

  36. Ben, NSW

    Fit is great for us!
    Love the ethos of this brand. Its a quality product- we’re so lucky to have them in Australia using Australian technology. Service is great too and very attentive.

  37. Anna

    Love them!!

    Ecoriginals are a great product. I love that they are soft and good for the environment. I love that they deliver them to my house so I always know I will not run out of nappies. I can’t wait for the pull ups to be released later in 2018. Thank you ecoriginals!!

  38. LidijaL

    The only nappies I use for my kids.

    I have been using these for my kids for 3 years now. I Have tried many eco nappies but they are not as soft and absorbent as ecoriginals. My kids have never had nappy rash either and one did when I ran out and bought huggies at the supermarket (never again!) I subscribed to the automatic monthly delivery and dont need to think about running out ever!

  39. Sare

    The best nappies

    Love these nappies. We had another brand that caused irritation but with Ecoriginals mean no nappy cream is needed. They hold all night and fit super snug too.
    Our monthly order arrives just in time when we are on our last few and the wipes are the best we’ve tried. Customer service is above what you expect and you feel like you’re the No 1 customer every time.

  40. Hannah, Perth

    Eases my conscience and works

    Had intended on using cloth nappies – didn’t want my having a baby to add to landfill. Circumstances around bubs health meant that there was little time or energy for cloth and eco originals were a great alternative. I feel like I am doing my bit and the nappies have worked great. Great absorbency, never had any problems with nappy rash and generally just easy to use.

  41. Bailey B, Mildura

    Amazing nappies with amazing convenience!

    These nappies really surprised me. We have never had a leak, they last all night, my girls have never had any nappy rash with them. The wipes are fab too, they dont tear and stay nice and moist. No nasties! & they are the most eco friendly disposable nappy – helping make this place better for these babies when they grow up.
    PLUS they do delivery! (You know when you have a trolley full and two kids sitting in it & trying to juggle and box of nappies? Yeah you dont have to do that) They turn up every month without having to think about having to buy nappies or worrying if you’re going to run out.
    I recommend them to all of my friends & family.
    I love them.

  42. Vicki, Cloncurry

    Hooray! A HEALTHY option that’s affordable and works!

    We discovered Ecoriginals when our third child was born and after 8 months still LOVE these nappies. We’ve used cloth nappies in the past, and disposables at times, but now that we’ve found an affordable, Australian, chemical-free and eco-friendly disposable option, there’s no going back. We have never had leaks and find the nappies soft and long-lasting. The wipes are great too. Our older two use not-so-healthy nappies for nights (for the pull-up factor and to minimise leaks), so we can’t wait for your pull-up range to come out! I’ve found the automated orders handy too, just wish we could space it out to 8 weeks instead to save on postage as we live in a regional area. Have found it slightly difficult changing my order details online too, but that’s a small thing. Keep up the great work!

  43. Sarah, Sunbury

    Excellent nappies.

    I have been using these nappies for the past 2 years, since my son was born. He doesn’t ever have nappy rash and they never leak. I’ve had to use other brands in the past if we run out and they always leak over night or irritate but these are excellent quality. Even my partner comments on how good they are! We also have them delivered every month which is so easy and convenient. The staff are fantastic if you need to change dates or postpone – it’s as easy as an email.

  44. Bec

    Best eco nappies I have found

    Have been using these nappies for over 2 years. Have tried a few other eco nappies (often when travelling and didn’t have room to bring enough with us of the Ecoriginals) and they are so much better. Good absorbency, good service and an Australian company. Would definitely recommend to any new mother.

  45. Ruth

    Loving this product for 2.5 years!

    Have been using Ecoriginals since my daughter was born and still love them 2.5 years later. She has never had a nappy rash and I am happy knowing these nappies are environmentally safe to use. I also love the subscription offer as it saves money and you don’t have the worry of running out of nappies.

  46. Steph K

    love these nappies!

    I subscribe to these nappies every month and I just love them. I have such peace of mind when I am using them, knowing that my Bub is not being subjected to any toxic chemicals via nappies, not only that but they are much kinder to the planet and work so well! With them being delivered each month by subscription is Amazing because it’s just one less thing I have to think or worry about.

  47. Jess H


    What a wonderful company with great ethics….and a fabulous product! We had an 18mth nappy subscription for our daughter until she was potty trained and never had an issue with the nappies and love the fact that are enviro conscious and conveniently delivered to your door. Would highly recommend over other nappies!

  48. Melissa

    Beautiful eco nappies without compromising comfort, style and the earth.

    My love for these nappies runs deep. They are by far the most comfortable and nicest eco nappies I have tried and love that they are kind to the earth, including the packaging and void of any nasty chemicals.Super soft, cute simple design,perfect fit and found them very reliable for a heavy night wetter like me son. The convenience of the subscription meant we never ran out and less bulk to carry from the car on grocery trips. All round winners!

  49. Elsie Newman

    Absolutely brilliant nappy. I have never had a leak, they’re lovely and soft, and super earth friendly. Total winner 🙂

  50. Jacqui Kortt

    Love the nappies 🙂

  51. Marina Rosa

    I love your nappies! Great quality, very soft feeling, never had any liking and very good prices!!!
    I recommend it to everyone I know 🙂

    Thanks for such a great product and for caring for our environment

  52. Louise Elliot

    theyre better absorbancy than other eco nappies

  53. Michelle Marsh

    we are so happy to have found low tox nappies that are comfy for our bub and contain the explosions!

  54. Mia

    I have been using the Ecoriginals nappies for the last 17 months for my daughter since birth. I love the convenience of not having to worry about running out of nappies but also knowing that I am doing my bit to help the planet, as they are affordable unlike many other eco friendly nappies. The nappies are great quality, never leak and fit really nicely. I would hate the thought of putting awful chemicals to my babies skin which are found in all conventional nappies. A few times my daughter has had to wear conventional nappies and has gotten a nappy rash – so for us Ecoroginals have been excellent. I will definitely use this nappies in the future.

  55. Aimee Fairgray

    No leaks, super absorbent and eco friendly. Two thumbs up!

  56. Deb

    I’m very happy .. The babies have no reaction to these nappies

  57. justine

    This is a great service works for me. I always have nappies at home and some for childcare. It makes me appear organised. My two year old sleeps in Eco-originals. They are great and adequate for one nappy through the night. I was worried when they started leaking but realised I just need to adjust and move up to a bigger size. I love the lack of dyes and perfumes.

  58. Grace

    Such a convenient service. I went on holidays, paused my subscription, then re-started it when i wanted to again. So good how flexible it was and that I wasn’t locked in. So lucky to have an amazing Australian company who cares 🙂

  59. jemilly

    Happy Customer using eco nappies for 2.5 years 🙂

    I absolutely love Ecoriginals, I have been using them since my daughter was a newborn, they fit well, they are good for the planet, they are comfy, we found them well priced and it was convenient with the subscription , The ticked all our boxes when looking for a nappy. I also found the customer service amazing, we will definitely be using Ecorigionals when we have more kids!
    Thank you Ecorgionals!

  60. Nicole

    We love Ecoriginals. Our boy is a big drinker and your nappies held everything overnight. One of my favourite things about Ecoriginals is the lack of pictures on the nappy. Such a small thing but those extra dyes are not necessary.

  61. Emily Spao

    Never had any rashes with your nappies! Best aussie eco product on the market!

  62. Nikki

    Had tried several eco friendly nappies and the Ecoriginals are by Ecoriginals are by far my favourite nappy. My son got a rash from a generic brand that we were given as a gift, but it cleared right up after two days using the Ecoriginals. My partner and I love how soft they are, and highly recommend them.

  63. Nikki

    had tried several eco friendly nappies and Ecoriginals are by far my favourite nappy. My son got a rash from a generic brand that we were given as a gift, but it cleared right up after two days using the Ecoriginals. My partner and I love how soft they are compared to other biodegradable nappies that we tried. Highly recommend

  64. Haidee

    Loved the fact they are delivered straight to your door and don’t need to worry about purchasing nappies again, now we have subscribed.
    Leak proof and we have found them to even take the edge of the smell from solid and overnight nappies.
    The best part was being able to sample a full packet of nappies and wipes only needing to pay the shipping fee to have them sent straight to your door.

  65. Marie

    This really is a great option if you can’t manage cloth nappies. My little dude is extremely active now and so i do sometimes use one of those modern cloth nappies over the top to avoid spills. Using biodegradable nappies is a real help for my mental health, as i know it’s one more thing that will be better for the little guy and his children many years after i am gone.

  66. Eva Kerr

    Absolutely love the nappies. They are so super absorbent. Just when I thought they couldn’t take any more, they copped another wee and didn’t leak! No nasty chemicals, sustainable organic materials and biodegradable!! Next best thing to cloth nappies! Loved the subscription option. Continued savings as a laty customer, and delivered straight to my door! Bub and I loved when our box arrived! Loved the customer service!!! Whenever our situation changed, they adjusted my subscription to compensate. Absolutely grateful for the service and a top notch product. Very very happy customer and happy to recommend this product. My only gripe is that they don’t come in a bigger size for those on the bigger size and those older children who are night training! Would love to keep using them, but we don’t fit the biggest size anymore

  67. Abby

    4 – great idea to have a subscription takes away the worry of having to reorder nappies.
    The only downside that I have is that my son’s nappies tend to smell after wearing them for a little while, smelling as if he’s done a #2 when he’s actually only done wees.
    I’ve tested with another brand of nappy and it doesn’t seem to smell as much. However I’m willing to continue with these as I want to reduce the amount of plastic that I put into landfill.

  68. Fiona

    I’ve been using these nappies for about 6 months, first on my 12 month old, and now also on my newborn. I was so happy to find an aussie eco nappy as I’d been buying another eco-brand which were also more expensive than ecoriginals. I love that there are no synthetics, bleaches, dyes in these nappies, so no irritants on my baby’s skin, and much better for the environment too. The first pack I bought for my toddler we had quite a few leaks, but the company were really helpful and suggested I drop down a size, and we had no more leaky nappies (she’s quite tall and thin). They are not as contoured as a huggies nappy, so not quite as snug a fit, but I’d rather not have all the plastics in the nappy that give it the elasticity, and the nappies are still really effective without it (and my baby doesn’t get all the marks on her legs and waist from the elastic bits cutting in). I highly recommend these nappies!

  69. Rachel17

    I’ve been using Huggies on my son for the last few months but a friend told me to try these nappies as alternative as he’s been getting really bad nappy rash. I tried them out last week and it cleared up within three days of using them! They seem to be a perfect fit (my bub is 4 months old and using the Infant size), and we’ve had no leakages thus far. I’m so glad we’ve found them, especially since they are Aussie made which I love! I will definitely be buying another pack

  70. Sarah

    My first order was a box of six, unfortunatly my little one was a little too small for them at first (apparently they are bringing a newborn size out soon) but now I’ve been using them for almost a year! Once she fitted into them properly they worked great! No more issues with nappy rash and they feel so much nicer than the regular plastic! I do sometimes find they don’t last all night especially when bubs has a big bottle – she’s a tummy sleeper and I think this has got to do with it as she becomes wet around the top band. I even find this with Huggies tho. During the day I find I only need to change her a few times as otherwise the absorbtion is great!

    My advise for mums that find they leak – it’s probably the size! When she was growing into the next size I would put a cloth nappy cover over it just to tighten it a little!

    Their price is also way more affordable than other eco’s!

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