They are the best nappies we have used. They are super absorbent and we haven’t had any leaks. So soft and nice against his skin and it makes me feel really good that there are no chemicals or crap in them to irritate him. Not to mention feeling better about the environment! Just the best!

Nicole Fagundes, May 2017

They are the best eco disposables I’ve used.

Ragan Callaghan, May 2017

They don’t leak, your website is easy to use and they are a better choice for the environment

Katy Thomson, May 2017

Great nappies, quick postage and so good to know they are less harmful to the planet than the usual

Mitra Anderson-Oliver, May 2017

Ecoriginals is the least-plastic nappy I’ve used.  I’ve used very few disposable nappies but I tried a variety before settling on Ecoriginals, which I now purchase in bulk.  My toddler is a heavy wetter and sweats easily and these nappies usually last him through the night and keep his sensitive skin from heat rash.  They catch big, messy poos (even when it looks like the poo would have escaped his clothes are often still clean).  I tried all of the samples from HelloCharlie website and am glad I chose Ecoriginals.

Christine Jarvie, May 2017

It’s great to be able to use quality Australian products that are safe for my baby. Thank you

Kirstie Arico, May 2017

My 18month old gets bad nappy rash from many larger known wipe brands but with ecoriginals he doesn’t. Love them

Mellissa Moran, May 2017

The nappies are wonderfully soft and super absorbent. We use cloth during the day but our little one would pee through them at night. Your nappies give us all a good nights sleep and we feel wonderful knowing that they are good for the earth as well. Thank for you developing such a lovely product

Peppa Piacun, May 2017

The nappies are awesome, they do a wonderful job of containing explosions

Mick Davis, May 2017

I love your nappies! Great quality, very soft feeling, never had any liking and very good prices!!!
I recommend it to everyone I know 🙂

Thanks for such a great product and for caring for our environment

Marina Rosa, April 2017

Absolutely thrilled that there is finally an eco friendly biodegradable product to compete with the big shopping centre brands. Hopefully this will force them to change their ways and become more environmentally friendly.
As for the nappies themselves, I’m amazed at how soft and comfortable they feel, and have never had a leakage problem!
Keep up the good work!

Irina Deslandes, April 2017

Nappies are working really well and Bubs bottom is looking perfect.

Marie Coleman, April 2017

I have been searching for a product that balances high quality, eco-friendliness and affordability and i firmly believe i have found this in econappies! I have already recommended to friends. Keep up the awesome work!

Clare Gough, April 2017

Nappies are very absorbent, haven’t seen any signs of nappy rash and there has been no leaking. Love that they have minimal impact on the environment. You’ve got yourself another loyal customer.

Laura Parker, April 2017

theyre better absorbancy than other eco nappies

Louise Elliot, April 2017

we are so happy to have found low tox nappies that are comfy for our bub and contain the explosions!

Michelle Marsh, April 2017

The nappies are really great for baby’s bottom – no nappy rash to speak of. The nappies also hold everything in very well. Only had the first order so far so I’m not sure how long they last for before we need the next box. Overall very happy.

Katrina Reese, April 2017

Great nappies with fast delivery

Merrilee Clark, April 2017

No leaks, super absorbent and eco friendly. Two thumbs up!

Aimee Fairgray, April 2017

I always thought switching to a more environmentally friendly AND chemical free nappies was maybe going to involve passing up a little on quality. But not with eco originals. I have to say , they are fantastic. They really hold a lot in and are just lovely and soft and comfy for my little boy. Thanks for such a great , safe product

Juliane McManus, March 2017

lovely soft nappies, and excellent customer service.
Thank you:)

shelley steuart, March 2017

‘Fantastic product and service!’

Cara, March 2017

‘I love your nappies. They are soft, so good with absorption and the fact I don’t have to go to the shops because I know you’ll be delivering. Your wipes are great too.’

Sarah, March 2017

“First thing I noticed was how soft the nappies are! I didn’t feel bad that my little guy had to wear them all day and night as they really are so soft! Two other great things, No red bum at all due to the fact you don’t use rubbish in the nappy and no leakage!!!!

I decided to sign up to your delivery program as it works out to be around only $0.15 more than huggies on special at Coles. Definitely worth it.. I also got your wipes with my delivery and they are great. They are super thick and the texture with the little bumps are great for less wiping.

Honestly shocked how happy we are, I didn’t believe that you could do all the good stuff you say and keep the price so low!

The only thing I would more from my nappies is someone to change them for me 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Anna, February 2017

” Love your products and service THANK YOU!”

Emma, February 2017

” Love Ecoriginals so much so I have got at least 3 of my girlfriends to try your products. I love how my subscription just renews itself  ”

Quinn, February 2017

” Yes very much satisfied! 🙂 Baby and me are happy. Thanks ”

Elena, February 2017

“The nappies are great – they are the only ones that seem to stop the explosions 😉 ”

Danielle, February 2017

“I just wanted to let you know that I still (over a year after discovering ecoriginals) rave on about your nappies to my husband, because they’re SO good and absorbent. I had to buy a packet of Naty -nappies as I re-ordered more of your nappies too late before Christmas, and the difference is HUGE – Naty actually fell off my toddler going to the Post Office and wouldn’t stay on so she had to go without a nappy (with dress and shorts on) to the Post office and for the longish walk back to the car. It gave me a good laugh but also made me appreciate your nappies SO much more ”

Marika, January 2017

“We love Ecoriginals.  Our boy is a big drinker and your nappies held everything overnight.  One of my favourite things about Ecoriginals is the lack of pictures on the nappy.  Such a small thing but those extra dyes are not necessary. ”

Nicole, January 2017

“Very happy. The purchasing process was easy, I was informed of the status of my order adequately and I received the product I ordered. Have placed an order with you since & will continue to do so ”

Happy Customer, January 2017

” The quality of your product is fantastic!”

Edita, January 2017

“Absolutely satisfied! The nappies are very absorbent and my baby doesn’t seem to get nappy rash anywhere near as much anymore. Will definitely continue to buy! ”

Lucy, December 2016

“I am very satisfied with my purchase. The nappies work perfectly and I feel so much better firstly knowing that my baby has a much healthier product on his skin, and secondly that I am using a much more environmentally friendly nappy.”

Lance and Sarah, December 2016

“The nappies are a comfy fit for my active son who is 20 months. They are super absorbant, way more so than I could have hoped for. And didnt seem to make him sweat as much as some of the main stream brands do. The wipes are soft and stronger than the other eco friendly brand I usually buy and do the job they are designed to do.”

Shelley, December 2016

“I love knowing that I’m not putting our little boy in nappies containing nasties. Your service is quick and the nappies perform well – even throughout the night. Very happy and I’ve had no trouble recommending your product to friends!”

Kym, December 2016
“Very satisfied the nappies are great and even felt a lot softer than your regular Huggies. They are affordable and also give me peace of mind knowing I’m not exposing my baby to unnecessary chemicals.”
Duncan, November 2016
“Absolutely Satisfied!! They are super soft and they don’t leak or leave red marks. Thank you for a wonderful product.”
Cathy, October 2016
“Impressed that these work over night. We use cloth in the day and disposables at night. It’s nice to know that ecoriginals will decompose much faster than other brands.”
Sarah, October 2016
“Extremely satisfied”
Svetlana , October 2016
“The nappies are fantastic. So is the customer service”
Megan, October 2016
“A very high quality, high performance nappy that does not give red marks, and does not cause nappy rash on my baby. An extremely satisfied customer !!
Arianne , October 2016
“Previously used Bambo Eco nappies and recently converted. Very happy with your product :)”
Sarah, September 2016
“Absolutely satisfied. Having switched from Naty products after 2.5yrs this is a wonderful product. Works perfectly as expected.”
Bobby, September 2016
“Extremely satisfied. the nappies are sized well/fit great, and have no materials that cause any irritation etc. we’ll continue using ecoriginals no question.”

Luke & Judy, September 2016
“Love these nappies!”
Msinnett1, August 2016
“Love these nappies! We used to have problems with leakage and haven’t had any problems with these even 12hrs overnight! They are also much softer on bubs skin leaving no red marks like other brands. Great price and love that there is no chemicals…can’t loose”

Katie, August 2016
“I knew I didn’t want just any nappies/wipes when my new bub came along, so I looked around for something super special, and I found it in ecoriginals!”
Fancyclancee , July 2016
“Yes, love your nappies and give them as presents to new mums when I can. Have always found the customer service to be high. Very happy customer!”
Tasha, July 2016
“Yes! Fantastic quality product, very effective in keeping baby dry and comfortable.”
Evita, July 2016
“Very happy”
Alice, July 2016
“Very good nappies & wipes :)”
Mel, July 2016
“We love these nappies more than the others available at the supermarkets, and especially love that they are good for the environment! Thank you for your dedication & commitment in developing these fantastic nappies!”

Belprz , July 2016
“Great quality no leaks.”
Melanie, July 2016
“Yes very! I was using cloth nappies with my newborn but as much as I wanted to love them, I couldn’t mentally keep up with the washing and leaking as my baby grew and changed. So I put the cloth away for a while and bought your nappies as I love the ease of disposables but hate the nasty plastic, chemicals and damage they do to the environment! Your nappies and wipes are excellent. The nappies draw the moisture away from bub without drying her soft skin and go great for us overnight and throughout the day. Not sure that I’ll go back to cloth, especially with the awesome subscriptions you offer! Thanks guys! Awesome work.”
Talia, July 2016
“YES! They are the best nappies ever! Please use my feedback to promote!”
The Graham Family, July 2016
“Absolutely, great product, great price, $10 delivery to regional areas fantastic!”
Martzimre, June 2016
“Yes! Best nappies, so soft and the only brand that doesn’t leak for our Bub :)”
Megan, June 2016
“Yes. Your nappy has been able to contain even the worst poo explosion. Big thumbs up”
Mellicus, June 2016
“Yes. I think the wipes are great. The wipe itself is strong but soft and I love that it doesn’t leave my baby’s skin feeling sticky”
Jessie, June 2016
“Yes! I love the wipes. They are just the right texture, thickness and wetness.”

Lil , June 2016
“Your nappy has been able to contain even the worst poo explosion. Big thumbs up”

Melanie, June 2016
“I think the wipes are great. The wipe itself is strong but soft and I love that it doesn’t leave my baby’s skin feeling sticky.”

Jessie, June 2016
“Nappies were a great fit. No leakage and lasted all night. Wipes had a great texture and were nice and thick. Postage and tracking was terrific. Just the best, thankyou.”

Jackalyn, June 2016
“I feel terrible when i have to put my any in any other nappy. Great design, lovely cotton feel, and better for the environment. Three ticks from me.”

Imogen, June 2016
“Fantastic! Love your products and love your interest in my satisfaction and love how quickly you rectify any issues. Thankyou”

Simone, June 2016
“Best Eco nappies and wipes I have ever used. The subscription means they are only 4cents more than Huggies per nappy, and this is nothing considering the environmental and health benefits! Very happy customer.”

Melissa, June 2016
“I LOVE the fact that ecoriginals nappies and wipes are chemical free and safe for my baby! I am extremely happy with the product and customer service.
I find ecoriginals nappies better than any other brand I have tried and found they were more absorbent than huggies… I will never look back!”
Raluka, May 2016
“I was prepared to expect compromise on absorbency and sizing when changing to an eco-friendly product, but your nappies were actually far more absorbent overnight and fit better than the other 5 brands I’ve tried so far.
My baby is a very heavy wetter overnight so I was really quite surprised that your product was superior to other ones on the market.
Who would have thought that environmentally friendly also meant higher quality in all the areas I was looking for?
I have really enjoyed the product so far and look forward to purchasing more.”
Sharmin, May 2016
“Really happy, great absorbent nappies and fit really well.”
Hayley, March 16
“Hi everyone at Ecoriginals! Just a short message to say how impressed and relieved i am to have come across your nappies! I wanted to say thank you because this kind of creation is such a service to humanity and Earth…and me as a mother AND my sons bottom and health!!”
Rosanna, May 2016
“Just wanted to say that ecoriginals are awesome! We mostly use cloth nappies, but for nights and outings ecotiginals have proven to be supperior to other brands, eco and not.
While travelling overseas, we used other eco brands which didnt even come close to ecoriginals. Very happy customer and a dry happy baby”
Kate, May 2016
“I wanted to use these for the health of my baby not knowing what chemicals and plastics a are used in other nappies out there. But now I use them because they are a better fit and have brilliant absorbency, my boy is a big baby and these just fit him so much better! Great product, thank you!”
Lucy, May 2016
“I brought the ecorigional baby wipes. They are by far my favorite brand of wipes and I have never looked back since trying them. I would gladly recommend them to any mum and will be buying more! Delivery was great and super fast.”
Eliza , 25th September 2015
“Yes, the nappies are beautifully soft, and the wipes are my favorite! I bought the toddler size for my 5month old because that’s what he was in with huggies and baby love and they fit well, he is a very chunky 10kg!”
Sonya , 1st September 2015
“I love your nappies, thanks a million for putting so much effort to design them!!”
Amandine, 10th August 2015
“Yes!! I was very surprised with their performance. I have actually recommended them to all my friends. The wipes are great too. I actually use Cloth nappies and make my own wipes but have disposables for night and on days where cloth is impracticable. I will be buying again when I run out”
Samantha, 10th August 2015
“Yes very much so! the nappysdont leak (unless he sleeps on his tummy all night) and the wipes are the best we have used!!”
Abbey, 20th July 2015
“I was super satisfied! The service was excellent as is the product and the shipping is reasonable. I will certainly purchase from you again.”
Dora, 17th July 2015
“Hi, Just wanted to say that I received your new baby wipes last week, and I think they’re great. I particularly like that they are nice and thick and how much moisture is in them. I don’t need to use nearly as many and no need for rubbing to get those sticky poops off his bottom (which is very rash prone)!”
Amy, 13th May 2015
“When I had Eli I despised the amount of landfill that we could potentially be contributing to through disposable nappies, so I opted for cloth nappies. While cloth is great and we use these on a daily basis, there are some conveniences of disposables that are just too enticing – quick night time changes, higher absorbency, easy on the go and easier for carers to change too. So I began researching more eco-friendly alternatives. I started purchasing one brand from the supermarket but was so excited when I came across ecoriginals. I was instantly attracted because the company was Australian and the product obviously an absolute labour of love developed over several years by dedicated parents with a genuine desire to solve a problem. Aside from the ‘feel good’ of the nappy being eco and Australian – ecoriginals are very comparably priced, even cheaper than the supermarket brands! Delivery is easy and fast – especially important in the early days when the idea of heading to the shops for nappies is not on the top of your “list of enjoyable things to do”. On top of that, the company provides heaps of customer support with great videos and speedy responses to any queries by email – I love that! Above all, the nappy performs well. We’ve got the right size sorted so no leaks and no nappy rash. I would recommend ecoriginals and really hope that more and more parents get behind these and join the band wagon. I am also looking forward to the day when the product can be completely biodegradable/compostable and I know the team is working towards this. “
Karli, 2nd April 2015
“Absolutely stoked we’ve come across a nappy brand conscious of child safety and environmentally friendly. Great work guys!!”
Alicia, 24th December 2014
“They are the best disposables I have come across that are so good for baby’s bum! Rather than packed full of plastic and chemicals :)”
Lydia, 24th December 2014
“I love Ecoriginals! Finally found a nappy as good as leading brands without all the nasty chemicals. Very happy customer.”
Skinner, 24th December 2014
“Love LoveLove these! I try to keep everything as natural as possible in my house, I use MCNs on my daughter when we are at home but when we go out I love the fact that I can still use an eco friendly nappy made with natural materials but have the convenience of a disposable. Thanks for coming up with such a great product guys!! :)”
Kareen, 24th December 2014
“I love that there is finally an affordable eco nappy available! I really value environmental and personal avoidance of chemicals and certain processes and was finding it hard as a family on one income to match those principles with our budget. I’m currently 7mths pregnant with our second child and will be ordering Ecoriginal nappies for this bub :)”
Emma, 24th December 2014
“As a natural parent I appreciate a nappy that I can use consciously, which works for the environment and for my baby. Thank you”
Samantha, 24th December 2014
“Love them & recommend to all my friends. Well done! Love supporting Australian, quality & lovely people. Thankyou”
Lucy, 24th December 2014
“I buy the nappies for my Granddaughter as my way of helping and everyone is very happy, especially her eco conscious mother!”
Gillian, 23rd December 2014
“The specials/deals have made your nappies more affordable & competitive with supermarket brands. This has made the decision to continue using your nappies easier”
Sally, 23rd December 2014
“Great nappies. I use them part time with cloth. I like supporting an Australian company that supports the environment.”
Jane, 23rd December 2014
“I will never buy any other nappy! I absolutely love that you offer free delivery, and your nappies are chemical free, soft, absorbent and fit beautifully. Please don’t take free postage away!! :)”
Melissa , 23rd December 2014
“Really happy with this brand of eco nappies – makes me feel better about using disposables knowing that this company has put some thought into the huge landfill/waste issue surrounding nappies. They are reasonably priced with regular discount offers and are delivered very quickly. Good quality too. Double thumbs up Ecoriginals!”
Eugenia, 23rd December 2014
“We are so grateful to be able to afford ecofriendly nappies for our son! We were paying much more per pack for imported biodegradeable nappies before ecoriginals launched as we just couldn’t bring ourselves to use disposables out of concern for the environment, but we don’t have a lot of disposable income, so it was a great relief to find an absorbent and comfortable biodegradeable nappy in our price range. Thanks for making a great product!”
Caitlin , 22nd December 2014
“Excellent eco friendly nappies, so easy to order online. Fast and free delivery so good for busy mums! No leaking overnight or in the day. Good value. Thank you!!”
Clare, 22nd December 2014
“Loving these nappies and the fact that my eco conscience is clear !! Thankyou and keep up the good work ! Was nice to see them stocked in my local Go Vita store the other day too. Good to know if I ever run out !”
Tracey, 22nd December 2014
“I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your product. I absolutely love the fact that I am supporting an Australian brand, but more so, supporting the couple that saw a hole in the market and have not only filled it, but have produced a terrific product, competitively priced and something I highly recommend to any of my friends. Congratulations for all your hard work, I really hope its paying off!”
Lucy , 22nd October 2014
“Just wanted to let you know that we adore your nappies for our boy Aidan. My daughter Ailish was born in 2007 and the closest we could get to chemical free was to import bambo nature. Am thrilled to have found your nappies online for my bub and the quality is far superior to others. Aidan has had no nappy rash using just your nappies and coconut oil/ paw paw cream, very pleased!.Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to the wipes!”
Tamara , 19 September 2014
“I love the nappies! So excited to find an affordable eco nappy that’s Australian owned!! Thank you so much!”
Jodie, 5th June 2014
“Thanks for the sample pack, these are awesome nappies! We originally went with cloth nappies which were great for my twins but my 16 month old singleton poos out of everything and I couldn’t keep up with washing cloth nappies AND several sets of clothes each day, so we reluctantly switched to disposables. I’m so glad I researched eco nappies and found your product, I’m much happier to use your eco nappies than standard disposables and they perform brilliantly…even on my little man (which is saying something!). Just ordered 6 bags and got free delivery, very happy. Thank you!”

Tina, 6th May 2014
“I just wanted to say I love the nappies. I agree they are large in fit but your website makes that clear. I have just ordered my second batch of the six packs. Really hope you guys sell a lot and the business is a success because it such a worthwhile product – well priced considering the work put into design and research, plus the environmental benefits. Thank you”
Emma, 11th April 2014
“Bub has been wearing Huggies and Babylove since he was born (he is 18m.o. now). We went to the Adelaide PBC Expo over the weekend and received sample of the Crawler size nappies. I put it on bub last night (a little bit small) to find out if it’ll leak. And this morning no leaks! That’s when I decided to buy from you guys as not only he has no problem wearing it and looks comfy, but most importantly it’s eco friendly! I knew that disposable nappies take ages to break down but I didn’t know it takes 500 years! Great job in creating disposable eco friendly nappies! Keep it up!”
Regina, 27th March 2014
“Ecoriginal nappies provide an affordable, ecologically friendly alternative to conventional disposable nappies. They absorb just as well as other disposable brands but do not have the latter’s plastic feel or smell, making them pleasant to use. What a great Australian product! I have already started spreading the word!”
Melanie, 14th March 2014
“Hi! I just want to let you know that I am so happy with the nappies. They are so good. They are very absorbent and resist all night, and what I love most is to use them on my baby without having to think they are harmful or toxic for my daughter or for the planet. And they are very cheap. Thank you. Definitely will recommend them.”
Maria, 10th March 2014
“I just wanted to let you know how much we love these nappies! They are as absorbent as any non-eco nappy I have tried, they are soft and fit really well. I really hope that your business thrives, I’ll be telling my mummy friends all about it.”
Jackie, 7th March 2014
“Hello you genius people at Ecoriginals! I would like to thank you for your wonderful nappies. After a long wait your nappies arrived and let me tell you, they have been put to the test by my littliestbubbalicious and have passed with flying colours! No leaks. No nappy rash. I am so pleased with your product. Now to just stock them in a convenient place for me to do that last minute, down to my last nappy dash to the shop and you’ll have a buyer for years to come. Thanks again for this innovative and earth conscious product. Well done!”
Angela, 5th March 2014
“We were so excited to try Ecoriginals and haven’t been disappointed! They fit great, with no leaks and no nappy rash. Plus we feel good knowing that we’re supporting an Australian brand and helping the environment. It’s win-win-win!”
Clea, 5th March 2014
“Got my nappies today, love them. Great job on the packaging, I work in the environmental sustainability area and checked carefully environmental credentials before buying the product, I am not disappointed.”
Marnie, 13th February 2014
“They are really soft which I love, but I was especially happy to see how absorbent they are and how dry they remain against bub’s delicate skin. She seems really comfortable, and so I am too. We will definitely be purchasing more at that price!”
Jane, 6th February 2014
“I just wanted to let you know that I tried your nappies last week with my little 1 yr old boy, and they kept in what needed to be kept in and performed very well. I will be recommending the nappies to my friends!! Great work guys!!”
Margot, 4th February 2014
“I love these nappies, and also love knowing I’m doing my bit for the environment too!! So thanks for creating such a great product!!”
Alana, 1st January 2014
“Can I just say a huge THANKYOU for such an awesome nappy. We used a wide range of brands before Eco and non of them compare. They definitely have been tested by our lil fellow and they rock!!! YAY.”
Nadia, 29th January 2014
“After a rocky start, we finally received our nappies the other week. Well done for creating a product of such excellent quality, at a wonderful price and eco friendly. We are currently in the toddler sizes – 5-9kg, even though we’re 10kg at the moment. They still fit quite well because he’s a skinny 10kg. Thanks again Ecoriginals Team!”
Camilla, 28th January 2013
“We love our ecoriginals!! They are brilliant. Job well done. You should be proud!”
Rebekah, 28th January 2013
“I wanted to provide some feedback on the nappies after using them for a week or so. Positives are huge. I love the feel of the nappy – very soft on my little girls bottom; I love the design of the nappy (mostly plain white – so much nicer then a printed nappy); the grip tabs work very well; the elastic at the back is great for flexibility – means the nappy is not to tight around the waist when they sit down; they are very absorbent – can keep them on for a little longer than other nappies and they last all night; love how environmentally friendly they are – this is very important for me (I am not in a position to use cloth nappies all of the time so I choose to use the best disposables for the earth possible).”
Kimberley, 28th January 2013
“Got my delivery and was instantly happy to feel how soft they were! “
Amy, 24th January 2014
“Just wanted to let you know that I received my order of the Ecoriginals on Friday night and have been using them all weekend…. I love them!! They feel beautiful and are very absorbent, which is your main concern with a nappy !! I’ve got a lot if clients to whim I’ve been talking about the imminent arrival of Ecoriginals and am very happy to now be able to recommend them highly.”
Maureen, Adelaide SA 20th January 2014
“Our Ecoriginals arrived yesterday & they are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Thank You! -xxx-“
Kobe, 11th January 2014