baby playing in cloth nappies

The excitement is real—cloth nappies are here!

baby playing in cloth nappies

As a brand that shares our passion for sustainability, Ecoriginals are proud to announce a new partnership with EcoNaps, Australia's favourite cloth nappy brand*.


Why we’ve introduced cloth nappies to the family

It turns out that many of our customers love using a mixture of Ecoriginals disposable nappies and cloth nappies over their baby's nappy wearing years. So as a company that constantly strives to innovate and support families to live more sustainably, we thought, why not offer both! By stocking EcoNaps' premium reusable baby products, we can provide parents with a wider range of sustainable choices and forge a brighter future together.

Learn more about EcoNaps here!


What exactly are cloth nappies? 

Cloth nappies have been rising in popularity over the years for their environmental and visual appeal (they're pretty darn cute, if you ask us). Simply put, cloth nappies are nappies you can wash and use over and over again. They are a great companion to your Ecoriginals nappy stash, especially if you're not quite ready to go all-in on cloth. 


The good folk at EcoNaps’ have created a clever one-size reusable nappy that fits from tiny newborn to energetic toddler. Their nappies feature a waterproof and leakproof outer layer, a silky-soft microsuede inner layer, and a gentle and absorbent bamboo insert to keep little bottoms dry, rash-free and happy. 


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Meet the EcoNaps range

Not only do EcoNaps make a fantastic reusable nappy, but they also craft a range of useful eco-friendly reusable accessories to support your sustainable lifestyle. All products are made with recycled polyester and OKEO-TEK STANDARD 100 certified fabrics. We’ve selected our favourites to sit alongside the Ecoriginals range.  


  • Cloth Nappy

    A beautiful reusable nappy that’s sustainable, simple to use and designed to last.


  • Cloth Nappy - Saver Set
    Keep little bottoms dry, rash-free and happy with three beautiful cloth nappies.


  • Mini Beach Set

    Get beach day ready with a reusable swim nappy and wet bag your water baby will love.


  • Change Mat

    Protect surfaces and give your little one a soft landing pad for nappy changes anytime, anyplace.


  • New Mama Set

    Treat any new mama's to a set of soft nursing pads, reusable bamboo wipes and a wet bag.


Give reusable nappies and accessories a go 

We’re excited to offer these new options to our Ecoriginals customers who value sustainability, performance and comfort. So next time you pick up your nappies and wipes from Ecoriginals, why not add an EcoNaps product to your order and try them for yourself—we know you’ll love them as much as we do. 


Shop EcoNaps today!


*Parents voted EcoNaps as Australia's Favourite Cloth Nappy in the My Child Excellence Awards 2020 and 2021.

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