Green to the core
At Ecoriginals, we’re consciously navigating our way into the future. Our eco products are founded on research and development with a keen focus on designing out waste.

Minimise Impact

Firstly we design to reduce waste from the beginning.

- Compostable paper nappy packaging

- 90% biodegradable nappies

- 100% home compostable bamboo wipes

- Manufacture in NZ using renewable energy

Return to Earth

Aim to cut waste, with biodegradable products. 

- 90% biodegradable nappies

- 100% home compostable baby wipes and nappy packaging 

Offset Impact

As a conscious company, we offset the impact of our products.

- Plastic neutral 

- Carbon neutral

- Planting trees globally

Less nappies used.
Less residual waste
Ecoriginals 90% biodegradable nappies with super absorbency = less nappies used and less residual waste.

Your plastic impact with Ecoriginals is zero.

Compare that with standard disposable nappies with plastic or blended layers that have as much as 200g of plastic being discarded each day*.

*Assumes average nappy weight of 50g and 5 nappies used per day.

Firstly we minimise our plastic in each nappy by increasing our plant-based materials.

Secondly, we’ve increased absorption and dryness with our FSC wood pulp, tissue paper and pure cotton layers, so you use less nappies.

Thirdly we offset every order by collecting and upcycling 500g of plastic from the environment.

World’s First Home Compostable Paper Nappy Packaging
Another step towards zero waste, our paper nappy bags are 100% Home Compostable.
See the comparison
Subpod in Byron Bay examined just how quickly our baby wipes biodegrade against another compostable wipe and a trusted baby brand.

You’re helping us achieve great things.

For every order placed we contribute to the future of the planet through our global partnerships – planting trees where they are truly valuable, and recouping plastic and upcycling it in developing countries.
9,806 Trees
Plant 50,000 trees across the globe
370,154 Plastic
Collect & Upcycle 1.25 million plastic bottles
223,060 Carbon
Offset 1000t of carbon from the atmosphere
Our manufacturing facility in New Zealand, powered by renewable energy, is the first step in an ongoing commitment to reduce carbon emissions through every step in the process, and bring production close to home.
We know we can all do better, and we’re leading the way.